Prior to breeding, our bitches must test negative for any venereal diseases.

Only stud dogs with Cardiac Clearance, Optigen A / Normal (after 2008) & meeting the above criteria are bred to our bitches.

We breed Labrador Retrievers for temperament & conformity to breed. We conduct extensive research before selecting breeding stock; choosing from breeding programs with a long history of producing quality animals. Our bitches are examined and certified in accordance with Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) and Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF) criteria. Their pedigree is certified by the American Kennel Club (AKC) from official Stud Book records maintained by the AKC.

Country Manor Labradors have excellent temperament, intelligence and a desire to please. We pay careful attention to temperament & conformity in selecting dogs for our breeding program. The health of the puppies we deliver is guaranteed as stated in our Puppy Agreement & Guarantee.

We are not a puppy mill! We are conscientious about what we do and very selective regarding who adopts our 'surrogate children'. We normally have a waiting list. You may make initial contact with us via e-mail but we do not deliver our puppies based on emails/questionnaire alone. Interviews with prospective owners are required in order to insure that we can work well together for the good of the animal.

If you represent a pet shop, commercial dealer/broker or auction house, please DO NOT CONTACT US.

All prospective owners are required to fill out a questionnaire. Please request the questionnaire via e-mail. Once you submit your questionnaire (either via fax or e-mail) we will arrange for a mutually agreeable time to talk with you.
Country Manor puppies are born and raised inside our home. They are provided a safe and clean environment where they are watched carefully and receive lots of human as well as other dog contact. Each puppy's temperament is evaluated and matched with purchasers whose lifestyles and desires are compatible with the evaluation results. We will pick the best puppy for you. Since we normally do not choose our own puppy before 6-7 weeks, we will not know which puppy is yours until after that. Puppies are wormed 2 -3 times and are vaccinated at 6 weeks. We will remove the dewclaws.

Pet puppies are available on Limited Registration which means the puppy is AKC registered but any offspring from the puppy may not be registered. The puppy may not be shown in conformation but may be shown in obedience, agility, hunt tests or any type of performance events. The Country Manor Puppy Agreement and Guarantee requires spay/neuter of limited registration animals-- without exception. Those of us who love our breed want to stop the irresponsible breeding of these pet dogs. This was the tool that the AKC provided to us. Most reputable breeders now use the Limited Registration option.

We will not place a puppy with any couple expecting their first child or with anyone with children under the age of 3.
Country Manor dogs are always welcome here. If, for any reason, you decide not to keep a Country Manor dog, please contact us and per the terms of our agreement we will keep the dog until it can be placed in a new home. We NEVER want to see a dog of our breeding end up in a shelter.
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