We bring new meaning to 'it's a dog's life'!
After raising German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers and Yellow Labradors (and four children) we have to say that we've grown to love the Labrador breed. Every dog we have owned has been a 'purebred'. We've experienced the plusses and minuses each breed has to offer and, on balance, believe that for companionship, intelligence and the willingness to go fetch anything over and over and over, the Labrador is the dog to have!

Our young, small-scale program is breeding for temperament and conformity to breed. We conduct extensive research before selecting breeding stock; choosing from breeding programs with a long history of producing quality animals. That's how we found Bailey, the first of our bitches. We do not in-breed or line breed but, rather, select breeding stock from bloodlines which are of a similar 'type' in order to maximize the positive traits and minimize the potential for hereditary disorders.

Ask about our Health & Genetics guarantee.

Country Manor Labradors is a member in good standing with the Sierra Vista Labrador Retriever Club (www.svlrc.net) and the Central California Labrador Retriever Club (www.cclrc.org)
Prior Labrador Club associations include :
San Diego Labrador Retriever Club (www.sdlrc.com)
Southern California Labrador Retriever Club (www.lrcsocal.org).
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